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Fireplace Remodeling 101

Fireplaces are one of the diehard attractions and trademark references to any home. With flickering flames casting a nice glow over your home or being the perfect setting for a romantic get-together, fireplaces need to be kept in top shape and remodeled from time to time to suit trends and changing personal tastes. Fireplace modeling can range from a complete do-over to an easier method of remodeling the fireplace with brick paint.

As aforementioned, fireplace remodeling can mean renovating your entire project or making small modifications in color and style. A complete do-over involves using a mason to disassemble the fireplace and install or re-arrange a new one. It is a rather expensive project that involves a lot of time. There is also the do-it-yourself route where you can remodel your fireplace by adding brick paints to turn ugly and older fireplaces into lighter works of arts. Many novices worry over the authentic look of these paints and classify it as awkward, when in reality, the paint infiltrates the brick to make it appear 100% as brick without any wide distinction – complete with the original brick’s texture as well. Repainting brick fireplaces is a very popular home improvement project.

An excellent way to learn about fireplace remodeling is through magazines. Try to figure out if you want a contemporary, traditional, or modern style and what materials (wood, stone, plaster) is used to match these styles. Visit a home improvement store like the Home Depot and learn about different fireplace remodeling techniques. One trick of the trade in remodeling fireplaces is through tiling. This involves using mix mud to build out spots not plumbed, using adhesives, and chipping off pieces of bricks to work with flat corners. If home improvement is not your thing, seek the services of a contractor to do the job for you.

Bear in mind that remodeling your fireplace requires adherence to proper installation of materials. Make sure that flammable materials are far away from fireboxes and to install all materials properly. For instance, adding tile over painted brick is a bad idea. In this scenario, a smart idea is to apply backer board prior to laying out the tiles. If you have limited experience with this, seek the advice of a home improvement store consultant or a contractor.

If fireplace remodeling isn’t what you need, perhaps decorating is the solution to reinvigorate your room. Usually, decorating is centered over the hearth and mantle with its attention as the most prominent feature. One nice touch is to match the color of your fireplace to the color of your walls. Firebacks and woodholders with varying styles and material can complement your fire in a careful arrangement. In addition, glass doors have been noted for style in the past and reflect a high class taste. Art placed onto the mantle like sculptures and paintings are classic, along with identical pieces on opposite sides of the mantel which provides balance. All in all, there are many ways to remodel your fireplace with the right mindset.

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